About Us

Meet the Founder|Owner

Hey! I'm Bree, the heart behind Bree Allison Designs, and I'm excited to give you a peek into my journey.

I've been in the world of Business/IT Consulting for over 18 years, and rocked my fair share of boardrooms and meetings. But guess what's been my steadfast companion through it all? Havaianas flip flops! Seriously, I've been strutting in them for over two decades, and I don't think any other brand could lure me away. (They don't hurt between my toes!)

Now, here's where the plot twist comes in. Although I wasn't the mastermind behind the brilliant idea to embellish these beauties, it was love at first sparkle when I stumbled upon crystal-adorned Havaianas many years ago. And let's be honest, corporate life doesn't always let you flex those creative muscles. So, what's a girl to do? Create her own canvas, obviously!

And thus, Bree Allison Designs was born! Crafting crystal-adorned flip flops for all you style mavens out there. Each pair? It's not just footwear; it's a full-blown love affair. Glamour, creativity, and a dash of whimsy, all wrapped up in a comfy flip flop. Because who says fashion can't have fun?

So, join me on this sparkling adventure, where every step is a statement, and where your feet get to be the life of the party! Cheers to strutting in style!

Unveiling the Artistry Behind Bree Allison Designs

Welcome to Bree Allison Designs - Where Every Step Is a Work of Art!

At Bree Allison Designs, we believe in the magic of crystal elegance and the joy of making every step extraordinary. Our journey began with a passion for redefining luxury footwear, and today, we invite you to indulge in a world where fashion meets the finest craftsmanship.

Step into Luxury:
Immerse yourself in a collection meticulously crafted by hand. From our signature crystal-adorned Havaianas flip flops to customized creations, each pair is a testament to our commitment to creating wearable art.

A Touch of Personalization:
Experience the joy of personal expression with our customizable options. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a bride seeking the perfect wedding shoe, or someone who simply loves to shine, our designs can be tailored to reflect your unique style.

Gift the Sparkle:
Explore the joy of giving and receiving as you step into a world where each pair tells a unique story. At Bree Allison Designs, we believe in the art of personalization. Imagine gifting your friend or family member a pair of crystal-adorned Havaianas, uniquely tailored to reflect their passions, colors, or special moments. Our customization options ensure that each step taken in our footwear is not just a walk but a journey through the individuality and cherished memories of the one who wears them.

Shop with Ease:
Enjoy exploring our online store, where every click leads you to a world of crystal-adorned luxury. Our mission is to provide not just footwear but a unique experience that celebrates your individuality.

Join us in celebrating the art of luxury, the joy of personal expression, and the magic of every step. At Bree Allison Designs, we're not just creating shoes; we're crafting moments that sparkle.